Analog reguation, digital world

Which moves faster: technology, or the regulation that tries to keep up with it?
Facilitator: James Ting-Edwards & Eric Crampton

New Zealand has a reputation for its ease of doing business. Locals may laugh about the competence of the bureaucracy but other countries can have it far worse. New Zealand’s flexible regulatory regimes have generally valued outcomes over procedural compliance. However, in many cases, New Zealand’s regulations still fall short of that standard. That hinders digital innovation in New Zealand. It also makes smaller New Zealand firms less able to take up the productivity-enhancing innovations developed elsewhere. We are too small and distant to afford to be anywhere other than at the bleeding edge of technological regulation. Come and join this discussion on how New Zealand is doing on regulating for digital innovation and opportunity, and how we can all work together to make things better.

The report is available here

Tags: Govt & citizens, emerging issues

Collaborative notes for Analog regulation, digital world (Google Doc)

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