Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Facilitators: Jevon Wright & Joy Liddicoat


Blockchains and cryptocurrencies have become much more popular in 2017, with a 600% jump in price, the launch of new investment vehicles known as ICOs, and governments looking to build on blockchain technology. However, there are still many issues and discussions we should have as a community, to ensure the technology remains open, accessible, ethical and safe.

This session will be a facilitated discussion between attendees, and may cover questions like:

- What can blockchain technology be used for?
- What are the privacy implications of using a blockchain? Are they anonymous or secure?
- What are some of the issues that governmental and non-commercial entities have found with blockchain?
- Will blockchain increase or bridge digital divides? How can we ensure the technology doesn't just benefit the rich?
- How can someone new to cryptocurrencies stay safe and secure?

This session will not directly focus on the technical implementations of blockchains, but rather discuss how they are impacting our community.

Collaborative notes for Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies (Google Doc)

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