Digital Literacy Special Interest Group / Forum

Facilitators: Nigel Robertson, Tracey Morgan & Anne-Louise Robertson


Join us to discuss setting up a national Digital Literacy Special Interest Group or Forum.  

The Internet and digital technology is now ubiquitous for many people through work, leisure and personal transaction. But despite that ubiquity, the digital divide seems to grow deeper. The divide may relate to access to technology, or access to skills, or deliberate and non-deliberate disconnections from digital engagement.  Digital literacy touches on all of these aspects and is becoming a key component of societal engagement in Aotearoa today. Many people and groups have strong interests in digital literacy and from many perspectives. Bringing those perspectives together within an active group can allow better understanding and empathy for the different values we each put on aspects of digital literacy, allowing new thinking to emerge.

This meeting will canvas views on this proposal, what form any group should take and the next steps to take.  I believe that this is an opportune time for such a group to form in order to further the needs and benefits of the citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The meetup is supported by many individuals and diverse groups including the OER Foundation, the 20/20 Trust, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, Core Education, LIANZA and others.


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