Thanks to our sponsors, including APNIC and others, we are offering fellowships for people from backgrounds underrepresented in the tech sector, including women and nonbinary people, Māori and Pasifika people, students, retirees, migrants, those from rural areas, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and people with disabilities. NetHui is being held at Te Papa in Wellington from 2-4 October.

Fellowships are available to cover the cost of a NetHui ticket, as well as contributions to domestic transport costs, accommodation, or childcare costs to make it easy for you to attend. If you have other ideas to help us make NetHui more accessible and diverse, please let us know - we're open to other proposals for our fellowship fund, included ideas like funding group transport from outside Wellington or anything else you can think of.

Applications are now closed, and all applicants have been notified of their status. Please contact nethui@internetnz.net.nz with any questions.

Sponsors & Community Supporters

NetHui wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of a large number of sponsors and community supporters. If you would like to sponsor NetHui 2019 please take a look at our sponsorship prospectus, or contact Andrew@internetnz.net.nz