Facilitator: Bill Dashfield

This meetup is to bring together people interested in an Auckland based monthly NetSquared group and hopefully (re)start a Net Squared Auckland.  

NetSquared brings together non-profits and activists, tech leaders and funders, and everyone who's interested in using technology for social change.  Volunteer leaders host free in-person events every month. NetSquared is supported by TechSoup a US non-profit that builds the technology capacity of non-profits through networking and training events. Two or three organizers plan monthly meetups, but don't need to be a tech expert.  The volunteer organizer’s role is to be the host, manage the venue and recruit guest speakers who will present case studies and share best practices.

The meetup is being hosted by Bill Dashfield, co-organiser of net2welly with Stephen Blyth -  Wellington NetSquared, currently the only active New Zealand NetSquared group. Bill will share their experience of organising the Wellington group and the key factors to successful meetups.

Sponsors & Community Supporters

NetHui wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of a large number of sponsors and community supporters. If you would like to sponsor NetHui 2019 please take a look at our sponsorship prospectus, or contact